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Napoleon: Total War


Napoleon: Total War expands on the successful Total War series by taking all the features from previous games such as the full 3D land and naval battles, the detailed campaign map, and an in depth diplomacy system and taking them a step further. In the game, aspiring generals have the chance to play as the legendary French general Napoleon Bonaparte or as one of his opposing factions. Battling through his three biggest military campaigns, the game will take you through Italy and Egypt, narrating the early years of the fearsome commander, while the third campaign will tell the story of his fateful drive towards Moscow and, ultimately, his showdown with the Duke of Wellington at one of the most famous battles of all -- The Battle of Waterloo.

Minimum Requirements
XP/Vista/Windows 7
CPU: 2.3 GHz CPU with SSE2 (Streaming SIMD Extensions 2)
RAM: 1 GB RAM (XP), 2 GB RAM (Vista/Windows 7)
Video: 256 MB DirectX 9.0c shader model 2b compatible GPU
DirectX 9.0c
HDD: 15 GB free space







Arba: RIP

Arba: RIP

Arba: RIP

Arba: RIP


Gintaxas | 2010-03-04 15:41 Ketvirtadienis | 8569 peržiūros | Skaityti toliau


#11 | tadas19997 · February 16 2012 11:11:19
Geriausias mano zaistas strateginis zaiimas!
#12 | Nnnu · April 04 2012 10:11:29
Turbut vienas geriausiu , jeigu ne geriausias strateginis zaidimas kuri esu zaides. Tiesiog flawless...
Jei domites Napoleonu, 1796-1815m. laikotarpiu , ginkluote , karu , tada tiesiog rekomenduoju si zaidima.

10/10 nera ka daugiau ir sakyti. Masterpiece....

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08/07/2015 01:39
stop being toxic and try your best. btw communication is the key to success. p.s always prepare your self before going in to the battle, you will improve much better.

08/07/2015 01:38
Koks rankas?

08/07/2015 01:30
Bl*t kaip mane dajibal csgo jau gal 15 karta duoda duhu teamus kritau 2 rankais caryint nepadejo lietuviu premade komandos tik rekt temoka gal kas patarsit kaip laimet 1 matcha?

07/07/2015 23:57
ClevOrDuty- Mlb atrode neblogas.

07/07/2015 23:50
o gal zinot geru sporto zaidimu tik ne fifa ir nba

07/07/2015 23:48
Hely as losiua the elder scrolls morowinda ir V dali o to mount & blade reis pazet

07/07/2015 23:45
ant pacio dugno sumeti, uzdedi rubais ir kitais daiktais tai gal ir neuzmatytu :D

07/07/2015 23:44
ClevOrDuty- sveikas, siulau TES(the elder scrolls) serijas, fallout serijas. Taip pat mount& blade serijas.

07/07/2015 23:44
Oi pamenu buvom sumaišę kuprinę, skubėjom išskrist ir pasėmėm ne tą, nu jau turkijoj viską žiūrim joj peilis net buvo, bet praėjo ir per visus tuos skenerius :D

07/07/2015 23:43
Pasiulikit idomiu RPG zaidimu